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Terry screw trousers


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Produced on Ringön, Gothenburg, Sweden in a series of 8 garments.

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Main fabric: Black 300 g/m2 french terry.
Woven fabric: Black background with red and yellow jacquard woven details, 320 g/m2.


Main fabric: 100% cotton
Woven fabric: 100% wool


Designed for bodies and souls, regardless of gender. Please see the size guide for further info.

Terry, or toweling fabric, trouser with woven waistband, side screw panels and crotch gusset. The trousers are finished on the inside with green pocket lining and the fly is closed with Atacac engraved corozo buttons.

Jimmy and Rickard first met in 2005 when Rickard spotted Jimmy at a bar wearing a pair of the very first screw trousers sold. Thus, in a way the screw trousers can been seen as the very embryo of Atacac. For some years the screw trousers was the backbone of the Rickard Lindqvist collections and we are very happy to be able to offer this updated version.

"Screw" in these trousers is neither about getting laid or fooled but refers to the screw shaped stripe of fabric running down the outer side of the leg. This screwed piece creates a wrinkle along the leg that does not only look good, it also makes it meaningless (and very tricky) to iron them!

Download the pattern, or cutting template for the screw trousers from the sharewear section for free.


Designed and manufactured in Gothenburg, Sweden
by Atacac

Jersey terry knitted in Chigasaki, Japan 
by Chigasaki

Jacquard fabric woven in Lochcarron, Scotland 
by Lochcarron

Cotton linning woven in Madrid, Spain 
by Roditex

Bias bindings cut in Överlida, Sweden 
by Texrep

Corozo buttons made in Lyon, France
by La Corne et Corozo Réunis

Cleaning care and washing instructions:

AC 10.1.2 ◦ September 2017