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Produced in a series of 2 garments. You can choose between the following button-colours: Green / red / yellow / orange


Ready for shipping. Still possible to select button color.

Now also available on the Virtual Reality platform Sansar


Grey checked wool.


55% virgin wool, 6% alpaca, 17% polyamide, 12% polyester, 16% acrylic.


Designed for bodies and souls, regardless of gender. Please see the size guide for further info.

The idea for this garment started out from the need of a really good jacket to use for people working in our film studio. A lot of pockets to put all your stuff in: manuscripts, pencils, hard drives, memory cards, scissors and rulers. In the beginning we thought it was maybe a little bit to niched product but we kept the idea and now finally, one year later it is finalized. Even if the initial purpose of it might not fit everyone we believe it could work good for other disciplines as well such as painters, artist, singers and carpenters as well.

Download the pattern, or cutting template for the jacket from the sharewear section for free.


Designed and Manufactured in Gothenburg, Sweden
by Atacac

Corozo buttons made in Lyon, France
by La Corne et Corozo Réunis

Fabric supplied in Prato, Italy by Fabric House.


Cleaning care and washing instructions:

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