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Pod driver jacket


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Produced on Ringön, Gothenburg, Sweden in a series of 8 garments.
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Light blue denim with a beige back side.


100% cotton.


Designed for bodies and souls, regardless of gender. Please see the size guide for further info.

The Pod jacket was originally designed for the drivers of Bzzt pod taxi operating a kind of electrical tuck-tuck service in Stockholm. We believe many people is in need of a really comfy jacket while driving small vehicles (such as bicycle, tuc tuc and moped), that is why we decided to make our own version. 

It is equipped with many pockets: One big at the chest, on on the arm, two on the lower front and one on the inside. They are positioned in a way to work together with a safety belt. The jacket is cut for optimal driver comfort with a optimal range of movement for the arms.  

Download a 3D model and the pattern, or cutting template for the jacket from the sharewear section for free.


Designed in Gothenburg, Sweden
by Atacac

Manufactured in Gothenburg, Sweden
by Atacac

Denim woven in Chigasaki, Japan by Chigasaki

Corozo buttons made in Lyon, France
by La Corne et Corozo Réunis

Zipper made in Villongo S. Filastro, Italy
by Bottonificio 

Bias bindings cut in Överlida, Sweden 
by Texrep

Cleaning care and washing instructions:

AC 15.1.1 ◦ August 2017