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Lindxxx top


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Produced on Ringön, Gothenburg, Sweden in a series of 6 garments.


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5th of September 


Black 60g/m2 slightly transparent silk chiffon.


100% silk


Silk top, designed for bodies and souls, regardless of gender. Please see the size guide for further info.

The shape of the top is copied and further developed from a vintage Lindex top. 
We believe that copying earlier masters or contemporary competitors is an excellent way to learn and find one’s own artistic voice. Such works may become the foundation for development, deconstruction, and reconstruction. See further what Yamamoto has to say on this matter at the bottom of this page.

In its current state, cut from a single piece of fabric the top is constructed from a single piece of silk fabric being draped over the shoulder in the same manner as described in chapter 2.2 of Kinetic Garment Construction. This principal of approaching the body with the fabric dates thousands years back and creates a flattering drape. 

Download the pattern, or cutting template, for the top from the sharewear section for free.


Designed in Gothenburg, Sweden
by atacac

Manufactured in Gothenburg, Sweden
by Atacac in August 2017. Machinist: Mohammed Noor

Silk from deadstock supplied by Fabric House in Prato, Italy

Cleaning care and washing instructions:

AC 20.1.2 ◦ August 2017