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Nine Piece Capsule Collection


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Nine Styles, One Vision

Welcome to a unique buying experience. Nine garments to mix and match with each other and everything in your current wardrobe. A one piece jumpsuit, two pairs of trousers, one pair of shorts, one blazer, a button down shirt, a tank top, a hat, and a tote bag complete the collection. With your purchase of the entire collection, we offer personalised fitting advice either virtually or in-person at our studio to determine your best fit. Receive each item as it rolls off the production line.

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We’ve carefully chosen four fabrics for our collection:
100% ripstop cotton
100% linen
100% jersey knit cotton
100% cotton canvas

Design from the Inside Out

Kinetic Garment Construction is designing garments in harmony with your body. Learn more here.

Craftsmanship meets Digital Tools

Always made in Sweden using responsible and sustainable production. Learn more here.