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Screw Trousers white Pinstripe


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Designed for bodies and souls, regardless of gender. High waisted trousers with a narrow leg opening. Size M has a waistband width of 87 cm and a leg opening of 29,5 cm. "Screw" in these trousers is neither about getting laid or fooled but refers to the screw shaped stripe of fabric running down the outer side of the leg. This screwed piece creates a wrinkle along the leg that does not only look good, it also makes it meaningless (and very tricky) to iron them! The trousers are finished on the inside with green pocket lining and the fly is closed with copper 'a' engraved metal buttons.


Soft navy blue stripes on off-white background in 160 g/morganic cotton.

Download the pattern, or cutting template for the screw trousers from the sharewear section for free at


Designed in Gothenburg, Sweden by Atacac & Aplace. Manufactured in Gothenburg, Sweden by Atacac in February 2018. Metal buttons produced in Hong Kong, China by Functional ThinkingFabric woven in Punjab, India by JCT Ltd and supplied by Fabric by Dem  Atacac label woven in Borås by Nordiska Etikettbolaget.

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