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Striped Bodystocking

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Black and white striped 220g/m2 viscose/elastane single knit jersey


93% viscose ◦ 8% elastane 


Designed for bodies and souls, regardless of gender. The elastic bodystocking comes in one-stretchy-size only and will look great on most body shapes.

First designed as an example for the Phd thesis Kinetic Garment Construction the bodystocking is now available in a limited edition of 3 pieces. The bodystocking is closed with a hidden zipper running across the head and down the seam at the back.

The striped bodystocking encapsulates all the directions outlined in Chapter 4 of the Kinetic Garment Construction thesis. Due to the elastic material, the body stocking addresses only the fundamental points. The black silhouettes throughout the thesis wear a black body stocking cut from the same pattern as the striped one presented here.

The seam lines run parallel to the outlined directions of the Kinetic Garment Construction theory, and the stripes highlight the subtle but important variations in grain direction as the fabric is wrapped around the body.



Designed in Göteborg, Sweden
by atacac

Jersey supplied by Vidbæk Stofengros, Denmark

Produced in Göteborg, Sweden
by Atacac

Cleaning care and washing instructions:

AC 10.1.1 ◦ April 2019