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Woman dress-stand arm


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A helping Atacac-hand

Whenever it is possible we drape our garments on living bodies, be it ourselves or whoever comes by. Still, sometimes we need to turn to the rigid dress-stands as a body substitute.

In order to make dress-stands more human we developed a new detachable arm for draping on the dress-stand.
Unlike traditional dress-stand arms it has a hand and a thumb.
It even has an elbow!
And a gusset construction in the armpit makes it possible to lift the arm upwards like a real arm!

You can buy an arm proudly produced in the Atacac micro factor for €170 and start draping right away or you can download the pattern for it in the shareware section. The arms comes in a smaller (M woman) and a larger (M man) version. When we need the arm to be straight we simply pin the elbow together.

The woman arm measures 18 cm around the wrist, 29 cm around the biceps and 72 cm from armhead to fingertip. It is a right-hand side arm.