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Designed for bodies and souls, regardless of gender.

We at Atacac believe that technology can help us figure out how to make clothes in a way that uses fewer resources and with good working conditions, which is where this jacket gets it’s name. We blaze a trail to hopefully inspire others to come up with new ideas about sustainability as well. We also hate boring clothing, so we went all out with the design on this jacket. Using the principles of Kinetic Garment Design, the jacket is only one piece of fabric, cut and sewn to form around the body. We added some pockets because you can never have too many pockets, and made it asymmetrical because it looks pretty cool that way. In a size bigger you can wear it as an overcoat. In your regular size you can impress everyone at the office with the coolest blazer around.

Yellow contrast Merrow stitching. 

'atacac' engraved orange corozo buttons.


Extra fine merino wool used primarily for jackets and light coats, this wool is finely felled to give the fabric a subtle sheen. 


100% Australian Merino wool, 240 grams/square meter. 


Designed in Gothenburg, Sweden by Atacac. Manufactured in Gothenburg, Sweden by Atacac in December 2019. Fabric from Leichtfried. Corozo buttons made in Lyon, France by La Corne et Corozo Réunis. Cleaning care and washing instructions: Air out regularly. Dry clean 2x per year. Hang in humid bathroom to remove wrinkles. Hang on padded or shaped hangers to retain form. 


AC 37.1.1 Gothenburg December 2019