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Atacac sharewear no.4

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Download a full-scale pattern for woman dress-stand arm.

Atacac love bodies. Whenever it is possible we drape our garments on living bodies, be it ourselves or whoever comes by. Still, sometimes we need to turn to the rigid dress-stands as a body substitute. We have some considerations regarding draping on dress-stands that we share in Chapter 2.4 and Chapter 2.6 of Kinetic Garment Construction.

In order to make the dress-stand slightly more human like we developed a new detachable arm for draping on the dress-stand. Unlike traditional dress-stand arms it has a hand and a thumb. It even has an elbow! And a gusset construction in armpit makes it possible to lift it upwards like a real arm. When we need the arm to be straight we simply pin the elbow together.

Print the pattern out on a large scale plotter or use the tile function if printing on a normal printer and print it in small pieces and then tape the pattern together. Then stitch it together, leave an opening of about 10 cm in the long seam at the biceps open. Fill it with stuffing and close the opening by hand. Fill it rather hard everywhere except in the armpit where it needs flexibility. The plate facing the dress-stand can either be fused with several layers of very hard fusing or place a piece of cardboard on the inside.

We would like to share the pattern for this arm as we think it is great and something everyone using dress-stands for draping or displaying should have access to. It is free of charge, If you would somehow like to reimburse us for this the nicest thing to do is simply to share www.atacac.com and the patterns further to your friends.

When downloading you will get 4 different files. A png illustrating the arm, a pdf ready for print, a dfx that can be imported into any CAD/CAM software and ZPrj with the pattern assembled in 3D. The ZPrj file can be viewed in CLO viewer and can be altered in CLO atelier.