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TrailBlazing Trousers Hampa/Fanta

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Designed for bodies and souls, regardless of gender.

Remember back in the ‘90s when we all wore giant trousers? And got really bummed out when the backs of them got all torn up because in addition to being super wide, they were also too long? Well, we solved the problem with the Trailblazing Trousers. These wide trousers are slightly cropped, lending them a nice swingy movement. Two patch pockets big enough to carry around your Discman if you’re feeling nostalgic, or just your giant smartphone if you weren’t even alive back then. Elastic waistband with front button closure.

Grey contrast Merrow stitching.


Mid-blue soft canvas from hemp and recycled PET-bottles. Softens with time and use. 


76% hemp, 24% polyester from recycled PET-bottles.


Designed in Gothenburg, Sweden by Atacac.

Manufactured in Gothenburg, Sweden by Atacac in December 2019.

Fabric from Swatch On.

Cleaning care and washing instructions:

AC 39.2.1 Gothenburg December 2019