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Loosely fitted linen Kaftan. The Kaftan is constructed from a single rectangular piece of linen fabric being draped over the shoulder. This principal of approaching the body with fabric dates thousands years back and gives a voluminous drape. Two large pockets at front at hips. V-shaped neckline at back. Designed for bodies and souls, regardless of gender.  


Comes in two sizes: Long and Short. Click try it above to select size and try it on an avatar with your measurements.


100% Organic linen in black. The colour is obtained with a reactive dye. The fabric is light (160 g/m2) and the natural properties of linen make it feels cool. The flax from which this linen was produced, was grown in Europe and processed there. 

GOTS certified

This fabric is GOTS certified. GOTS is the leading standard for organic textiles, and fabrics carrying the GOTS label represent the ultimate in ecological and sustainable production. It assures you that the flax from which this fabric was made was grown organically, without using insecticides or pesticides. In addition it is your assurance that the most ecological and socially responsible methods have been used throughout the entire production process. This means amongst (many) other things:

- no genetically modified organism
- no harmful chemicals
- no child labour
- no dyes or inks that have been classified as allergenic


Designed in Gothenburg, Sweden by Atacac. Manufactured in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Make your own

Can't afford one right now or maybe you want it in antoher fabric? Why don't you make your own! Download the pattern in 2D (PDF) and 3D (Clo3D), for the caftan from the Atacac sharewear section.

Care instructions