Reusable Face Mask


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Atacac sharewear no.40

We believe in open source fashion

As a part of our belief in transparency Atacac would like to share the pattern and 3D-model for this garment. As per our philosophy, this garment is free to download. 


This face mask is NOT a substitute for medically approved PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). 

This is a pattern for a reusable protective cloth face mask. Make sure your mask is covering your face adequately as per recommendation by health authorities. It is very important that you follow guidelines on how to properly use reusable face masks. 

When using these self-made face masks, it is still vital that you follow the general guidelines:
• Follow social distancing guidelines
• Wash your hands and avoid touching the face, nose, eyes and mouth, even if you are wearing a mask. 
• Avoid social contact and stay at home when you are sick 

This pattern is not tested and/or approved by medical healthcare and shall therefore not be seen as a substitute for medical healthcare information. 

For more info regarding when and how to use masks please refer to your country's guidelines and read the instructions and recommendations from the World Health Organization: 

Print the pattern on A4 without margins. 

When downloading you will get 4 different files. A png illustrating the garment, a pdf ready for print, a dfx that can be imported into any CAD/CAM software and a ZPrj with the pattern assembled in 3D. The ZPrj file can be viewed and  altered in CLO.