Oversized Tee by Nazanin Raissi



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Celebrating the future with the Atacac Art Collaboration 2021 Tee, crafted from a single piece of U-circular Peach Jersey. The artwork is digitally printed and designed by Nazanin Raissi. 

The Artist

Nazanin Raissi is a clinical psychologist and artist. Centred on the medium of photography her research-based artistic practise explores themes of memory, displacement, loss, and family embodied in her experience of being attached to dual cultures, Iran and Sweden. Interlacing personal history, often through utilising images from her private photo albums into her practice, she attempts to allow new existential spaces, positioned in the interface between oppositions, to emerge, fracturing presence versus absence and near versus elsewhere.

Artist statement 

Memory as Departure is part of the series Healing Engines where notions of memory, loss, and time are interpreted through the photo albums of two fathers. In Healing Engines photocopied source images coexist with algorithmically generated formations alongside machinic sudden mistakes, code fragments, and extracts of pictorial presence deviating into geometric abstractions. Techniques of digital healing, deletion, replication, and montage are adopted to reflect on the unreliable constructs of memory and the relationship between historical space and virtual space coinciding within technology.


Atacac Art Co-Lab

Atacac is proud to present its Art Co-Lab 2021, featuring Carolina Falkholt, Linda Spåman, Nazanin Raissi, Ben Baker, Sara-Lo af Ekenstam and Jimmy Herdberg. The collection consists of 6 unique Canvas T-shirts featuring the artist's designs and it will be showcased at the Lynk&Co Club in central Gothenburg.


U-circular Peach Jersey with stretch. 50% Recycled Pet bottles, 47% PES, 3% EL.


Designed in Gothenburg, Sweden by Atacac. Manufactured in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Flat width: 80cm
Length: 60cm