Oversized Tee by Sara-Lo af Ekenstam



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Celebrating the future with the Atacac Art Collaboration 2021 Tee, crafted from a single piece of U-circular Peach Jersey. The artwork is digitally printed and designed by Sara-Lo af Ekenstam. 

The Artist

Sara-Lo af Ekenstam is an artist living and working in Gothenburg, with a Master's degree in Jewellery art and design at the HDK School of Design and Crafts. She works cross-boundary between different fields and artistic expressions.

Sara-Lo af Ekenstam is using natural phenomena as well as different materials and their properties as metaphors for psychological and social processes. The forces and movements in the city and in nature are factors we as humans relate to, live in, shape and adapt to.

You will find her Sculptural Vases in glass at the Atacac Art Co-Lab exhibition at the Lynk&Co Club in Gothenburg.

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Atacac Art Co-Lab

Atacac is proud to present its Art Co-Lab 2021, featuring Carolina Falkholt, Linda Spåman, Nazanin Raissi, Ben Baker, Sara-Lo af Ekenstam and Jimmy Herdberg. The collection consists of 6 unique Canvas T-shirts featuring the artist's designs and it will be showcased at the Lynk&Co Club in central Gothenburg.


U-circular Peach Jersey with stretch. 50% Recycled Pet bottles, 47% PES, 3% EL.


Designed in Gothenburg, Sweden by Atacac. Manufactured in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Flat width: 60cm
Length: 60cm